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5 Things Parents Need to Know to Help Prepare Their Teen for Their Future Career

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As a parent you are in the perfect position to help guide your high school student to a successful future. Don't let your teen wait until college to seriously investigate their career options. You can equip them NOW with the tools and resources they need to make wise and informed decisions about their future.

In this Primer parents will learn

How to help their teen understand their strengths and weaknesses and find careers that match

How to maximize their career satisfaction by working in an energizing environment

How to research the current job market for the fastest growing and highest earning careers

How to narrow down their college options from over 3,700 to 4 or 5 that meet their top criteria

How to choose the right college that is motivating, realistic, and pays the bills!

Your Instructor

LeAnn Gregory
LeAnn Gregory

LeAnn Gregory has spent 25 years mentoring college students in the US and abroad. Noticing that students often changed their college major multiple times, and that many were amassing paralyzing debt, she set out to write a program that would better prepare high school students for the challenges that awaited them in college. The goal of the program is to actively engage teens with an interactive curriculum that encourages them to better understand themselves, their career options, job market trends, and the financial realities of higher education. With these foundations in place, students are equipped to maximize their college investment.

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